Five Chinese nationals wounded in Kabul hotel attack: China’s foreign ministry

Five Chinese nationals were wounded in an attack on a hotel in downtown Kabul on Monday, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

The attack, claimed by Daesh, prompted China to lodge representations with Afghanistan’s Taliban-run administration, Wang said at a news briefing.

“China demands the Afghan side spare no efforts in searching for and rescuing Chinese individuals, and at the same time open a comprehensive investigation, severely punish the attackers, and earnestly strengthen the protection of Chinese citizens and organizations in Afghanistan,” Wang said.

He added that in light of the security situation in Afghanistan, the foreign ministry once again recommended that Chinese citizens organizations should leave the country as soon as possible.

The attack on Kabul Logan Hotel ended after nearly six hours when the attackers were killed. Taliban initially said there were two attackers, but Daesh, the group that claimed the attack, said two gunmen had stormed the hotel.

At least five people, including two civilians and three Taliban members, were killed and 21 more were wounded in the attack, according to the Emergency Hospital in Kabul.