Violent protest against corruption erupts in Mongolia

Angry demonstrations turned violent in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar on Monday (December 5) as protesters braved sub-zero temperatures to storm the country’s main parliament building, following allegations of corruption among government officials.

Monday’s events were the culmination of a brewing public outcry over the last two months, centered around an alleged corruption scandal involving officials profiting from an illegal sale of coal supplies to China.

Protests began in small numbers on Saturday (December 3) in the country’s central Sukhbaatar Square, before picking up momentum with as many as 10,000 attending Monday’s protest as frustrations boiled over. Protestors were seen clashing with police officers in front of the Government Palace, where parliament sits

A day after the demonstrations on Tuesday (December 6), the executive committee of the country’s ruling political party summoned an emergency meeting, with local media outlet Tenger TV reporting the country’s president was proposing to dissolve the parliament and dismiss the government.