Flood-hit Parwan residents still live under tents

Six months after flash floods in Parwan province in the central parts of the country, at least 80 families who have lost their homes, are still living under tents while coping with the cold weather.

The floods hit Shinwari and Siah Gird districts in Parwan in April, leaving at least 32 people dead and over 25 more wounded.

At least 180 houses were damaged in the floods.

The flood-hit families blamed Taliban authorities for lack of attention, saying they vowed to build shelters, but did not fulfill their promise so far.

“The winter has approached. Children are getting sick in cold weather. The government should pay attention to us,” said Mohammad Azam, a resident of Parwan, who lives in a displaced persons’ camp in the province.

There are many children and elderly here who will get sick as the weather is getting cold. We need attention,” another resident of the area, Mohammad Alim, said.

The Taliban authorities vowed to build shelters for flood-hit families in May. However, Taliban district governor for Shinwari, Khan Mohammad Mohammadi, said the weather is cold and construction work is not possible under such circumstances.

“A temporary place, either government-owned or private, should be provided to the flood-hit families so they can live there,” he suggested.

The meteorological department has warned of rain and snowfall this weekend in at least 17 provinces. Flash floods caused huge damage and high casualties among the people in various provinces of the country in March and April, leaving dozens of people dead and scores injured.

Afghanistan is already hit by poverty and recent earthquakes and flash floods added another layer of complexity to people’s plight.