Female students protest in Badakhshan over Taliban dress code

Dozens of female students protested outside Badakhshan University in the city of Faizabad in northern Afghanistan on Sunday morning after being denied entry to the campus by the Taliban for not wearing the all-encompassing blue burqa.

The students gathered outside the university said they already had on long black dresses and there was no need for them to wear a burqa.

Footage obtained by Amu shows young women chanting “woman, life, freedom” and “we want education.”

One student who recorded the protest said the students who protested against the Taliban decision “were beaten and interrogated” by intelligence members of the group.

She said the young women were not allowed to enter the university because they were wearing colorful veils.

They also chanted “education is our right” and “let us live.”

This comes after classes have been segregated for female and male students at universities and female students have been banned from wearing colorful clothes and veils.