At least 25 families ‘forced’ to leave homes in Parwan

Deh Yak village in Salang district of Parwan.

At least 25 families were forced to leave their homes in Salang district in the central province of Parwan, sources and residents of the area said on Friday.

The evacuation happened after a Taliban military unit entered Deh Yak village in the district on Thursday, the sources said, adding that they were given an urgent warning to leave the area.

“They did not allow the people to collect their homes appliances and feed for their cattle. They were only allowed to take their cattle,” one source said.

The evacuated families have gone to their relatives’ homes in the Koklami area in Salang district.

Abdul Jabbar, a resident of Deh Yak district, said he was forced to leave his home along with his five children and wife.

Deh Yak village, Salang district, in Parwan.

“We could only get our cattle,” Jabbar said. “Yesterday (Thursday), I went to the Taliban to allow me to take some home appliances and feed for my cattle but the told me that they will shoot me if I got back once again.”

“We have nothing to eat. We need help from aid organizations,” said Aziz Aqa, a Deh Yak resident who has been forced to leave his home.

At least 200 families are living in Deh Yak district which is located close to Azra valley in Panjshir.

A Taliban spokesman in Parwan, Kamran Habibi, said no family has been forcibly evacuated in Deh Yak village.

This comes as more than 100 families were forced to leave their homes by the Taliban in Dara district of Panjshir in July and August, residents said, adding that the move has been made on charges of links with the resistance front, which is fighting the group in the province.

Earlier, Afghan media reported forced evacuation of 15 families in Balkhab district in Sar-e-Pul province in northern Afghanistan, an issue that was also rejected by the Taliban.