Clerics in Kandahar urge protection of education centers

Clerics’ gathering in Kandahar on Monday, Oct. 10, 2022.

A group of religious scholars from Shia and Sunni at a gathering in Kandahar on Monday evening emphasized the need for unity among the people of Afghanistan and urged the Taliban to protect education centers and mosques from deadly attacks.

The clerics said some groups are trying to create religious differences by conducting attacks against Shias and Sunnis in the country but they will never succeed in their evil attempts.

At the gathering titled “solidarity and brotherhood,” the clerics called on the Taliban to protect educational centers and mosques in major cities.

The religious scholars said they see foreign hands behind violence against the people of Afghanistan.

“We see that they want to create discord among our religions to stand Shia and Sunni against each together, but the enemy should know that even if there is an attack on Kaaj institute or on Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan mosque, the sacrifice of Shia and Sunni will safe Afghanistan from disunity and will bring the people closer,” said Sayyed Mohammad Sultani, a religious scholar in Kandahar.

The participants of the gathering requested to increase joint meetings of Shia and Sunni scholars at the national level to strengthen efforts for unity among the people.

“We should join hands, embrace each other and defend Islam. Defending Islam is possible with unity,” said Rohullah Kamrani, a cleric from Kandahar.

The clerics condemned recent attacks in the country and asked the Taliban to punish perpetrators.

This comes less than two weeks after a deadly bombing on the Kaaj tutoring center in the west of Kabul in which at least 53 students, most of them girls, were killed and over 100 others were wounded.