Blast targets mosque at Taliban’s interior ministry; 2 killed

An explosion happened at a mosque near the Taliban’s interior ministry on Wednesday afternoon, a ministry spokesman, Abdul Nafe Takor confirmed.

He said it is not the main mosque for the ministry, but its employees and applicants had attended prayers there.

Takor said the incident is under investigation and details will be shared later.

Sources said the blast had caused many casualties.

Photos from the area showed ambulances inside the compound of the ministry of interior and a body laid on the ground.

The Emergency Hospital in Kabul said it has received 20 patients following a blast at a mosque in the ministry of interior and that two were already dead on arrival.

“At approximately 2pm, we started to receive some patients with injuries and burns, but there was no news yet about any explosion or attack,” Acting Country Director of the Emergency NGO, Dejan Panic, said. “But a few minutes later, the number of injured people arriving increased and they reported seeing a man detonate a device.”

Panic said it was a suicide attack, adding that 16 of the wounded were admitted to the hospital.

“The number may, unfortunately, increase again in the next few hours and we may receive patients from other nearby facilities. The operating theatres are working and we have activated mass casualty procedures,” he added.

This comes after a deadly suicide attack at Kaaj tutoring center in the west of Kabul on Sept. 30 that killed at least 50 people.