Women hold rallies in Bamiyan, Herat to protest Kabul attack

Dozens of female students from Herat University marched on Herat streets on Sunday morning, raising their voices against the deadly attack that targeted an education center in Kabul and calling for an end to such attacks.

The women in Herat chanted “stop genocide”, “education is our right” and “silence is treason” to protest the attack on Kaaj education center.

The Herat rally started from Herat University and continued to walk towards the Taliban governor’s office, but they were dispersed by Taliban firing and had to return to the university.

“We started our peaceful march at 9 am this morning from Herat University. We only wanted to pass on our voice to the world but we were faced with violence and guns and I am one of the girls who experienced this,” said Hamida, a female protester.

“Our goal was for the world to hear our voice and pay attention to our situation. Genocide must be stopped. We have the right to live peacefully,” said Sapida, another protester.

Same as Kabul, the Taliban did not allow journalists to cover the rally.

Meanwhile, a big number of women in Bamiyan, mostly students, held a rally in the province to protest the deadly blast in Kabul, chanting “stop Hazara genocide” and “education is our right.”

At least 35 people, mostly female students, were killed in the attack on Kaaj tutoring center in the west of Kabul on Friday.