Extreme weather hits China amidst drought, flood

Unprecedented drought amid heatwave has shocked farmers in China’s south-eastern Guizhou and Chongqing who struggle to save their crops.

Quoting China’s state television, Reuters reported that residents of these areas were trapped in floods caused by heavy rainfalls in other regions.

Reuters also reports that farmers in Sandu county, Guizhou directed water from a canal into the cracked field to irrigate crops.

Meanwhile, villagers in Chongqing, who are faced with shortage of water, lined up to receive water supplies from a truck which drove through layers of mountains to reach the village.

According to Reuters report, in other regions such as China’s Northern city Tangshan in Hebei province, heavy rainfall caused flood that trapped villagers in their houses. Rescuers were seen to carry the victims out by life boats.

China has been grappling with extreme weather from heatwaves to historic floods since June. The government has blamed climate change, which it says will increasingly affect the economy and society, according to Reuters report.