Thousands evacuated amidst wildfires in Spain

Screenshot from Reuters video.

Spain’s Valencia region suffered three wildfires on Monday which left more than 7,000 hectares of land burnt and at least 1,200 evacuees fleeing the area, Reuters reported.

A fire in Vall d’Ebo, near Alicante, burnt 6,500 hectares of land boosted by a hard topography, which forced firefighters to effort aerial means to control the blaze.

Locals were shocked after a night of evacuation in which they left home with only the clothes they were wearing, Reuters reported.

“It’s too bad, we never expected anything like this in life,” said evacuee Josefa Balaguer about a wildfire that started on Saturday, August 13, after a thunderstorm.

Meanwhile, firefighters struggled to control a blaze at Les Useres after it burnt 800 hectares of land.

Valencia firefighters got Calles wildfire under control, the report said.

According to a Reuters report, Spain’s weather agency AEMET said fire risk was still very high in the Mediterranean area.