Heavy floods kill 127 people in Pakistan’s Baluchistan

Floods in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Screenshot from Reuters video.

Families displaced by recent floods in Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan have been waiting for help in a makeshift camp, with residents saying they are passing through a tough situation.

Abdul Aleem, a resident of Qadirabad village, said his house had been destroyed and they have received no aid from local authorities.

“They have not sent any tractor, any food, any rations, nothing. We have been sitting here, helpless,” Aleem said.

Rescue staff said help had been delayed because large amounts of infrastructure in Baluchistan had been destroyed by continuous and heavy rainfall.

“These two children of mine are suffering from thalassemia. We have been here for the past 48 hours. It was raining and our homes got flooded,” said Babul Jan, a resident of the area.

Pakistan has been hit by heavy monsoon rains this summer. According to a Provincial Disaster Management (PDMA) report published on Saturday, 127 people have died across Baluchistan in the recent floods.