Taliban restrictions on Muharram ceremonies continue in Kabul

Ashura day in Herat. 2022. File photo.

Local sources report that the Taliban continues to enforce restrictions on Muharram ceremonies in Kabul.

According to these sources, Taliban has destroyed several centers for distributing charity drinks along Ustad Mazari Road in west of Kabul since Wednesday, July 10.

Sources also say that Taliban has banned processions organized for Muharram ceremonies.

In the past, at least 2,000 families would gather in a single Shia mosque for mourning ceremonies. This year, the Taliban has designated specific mosques, requiring participants from four to five mosques to gather in one location.

Furthermore, the sources indicate that the Taliban has prohibited Sunni Muslims from attending Shia religious ceremonies and banned the use of loudspeakers in Shia mosques.

This comes as a document obtained by Amu TV on Wednesday reveals unprecedented Taliban-imposed restrictions on the ten-day Ashura and Muharram ceremonies.

According to this document, the Taliban has obtained commitments from some Shia clerics to adhere to these restrictions.

The document, confirmed by two Afghan Shia clerics, states that Afghan Shia citizens are not allowed to invite Sunni citizens to mourning ceremonies.

Additionally, the document shows that the Taliban ha limited Muharram mourning ceremonies to three days, from the 7th to the 10th of Muharram, and these ceremonies must be held behind closed doors.

Taliban has also restricted the collective presence of Shias at mourning ceremonies and their participation in media programs.

Taliban did not respond to Amu TV’s requests for comment on this matter.