Taliban blocks Muharram ceremonies in Herat: Sources

Sources in Herat reported that Taliban has obstructed public observance of Muharram ceremonies in the city.

A video obtained by Amu shows Taliban members taking down Muharram flags on one of Herat’s streets.

According to these sources, Taliban has issued written and verbal directives at mosques, instructing people to refrain from installing flags on roads, writing religious slogans on vehicles, and engaging in other related activities.

Moreover, sources indicated that the Taliban has declared that people are not allowed to hold mourning ceremonies after 1 p.m. on Ashura which will be observed next week.

In the predominantly Shia neighborhoods of Jebrael and Haji Abbas in Herat, the Taliban has arrested two individuals in recent days for putting up flags and have removed the flags during the night, sources said.

Taliban has not commented on the matter so far.

This follows a series of restrictions Taliban has imposed on Muharram and Ashura ceremonies in various parts of the country.Top of Form

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