Pakistan, Iran expel over 2,600 Afghan migrants in one day

Afghan returnees in Afghanistan. Photo: WFP

KABUL — More than 2,600 Afghan migrants were expelled from Pakistan and Iran on Sunday, July 7, according to Taliban-run Ministry of Refugees.

The statement detailed that Pakistan expelled 483 individuals, while Iran expelled 2,166 migrants.

Voluntarily-returned migrants were among those who entered the country from Iran, said the ministry.

Among those expelled by Pakistan were 33 Afghan citizens who were released from Pakistani prisons.

The ministry also noted that 189 individuals entered Afghanistan through the Torkham crossing and 294 through the Spin Boldak route.

Meanwhile, 767 migrants entered via the Islam Qala border in Herat, and 1,399 crossed through the Silk Bridge border in Nimroz.

This mass expulsion follows the recent deportation of nearly 14,000 Afghan migrants by Pakistan and Iran over the past four days, the ministry added.