Qatar says Doha meeting provides opportunity for ‘meaningful dialogue’ on Afghanistan

DOHA, Qatar — Qatar’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh Al Khulaifi during his remarks at the opening of the third Doha meeting on Afghanistan described the meeting as an “important opportunity for meaningful dialogue.”

“The participation of the caretaker government of Afghanistan in the meeting provides an important opportunity to conduct a meaningful dialogue regarding collective efforts to address the current challenges facing Afghanistan, out of the State of Qatar’s belief in constructive dialogue and considering it an ideal means of achieving the desired international results and goals,” he said.

During the opening session, Al Khulaifi reiterated Qatar’s firm commitment to the Afghan people. According to a statement from his office, he emphasized that Qatar is honored to host such UN meetings and will continue to support regional and international efforts to promote security and stability in Afghanistan. These continuous efforts, he noted, underscore Qatar’s effective participation in the Afghan issue.

Al Khulaifi considered the third Doha meeting “as the best evidence of Qatar’s collective support and solidarity with the Afghan people in these difficult and changing times.” He expressed pleasure in seeing progress in the joint agenda to formulate a unified approach in Afghanistan, stressing that the ultimate goal is to support the Afghan people and achieve peace and prosperity in the country, contributing positively to regional and global stability.

The Qatari official indicated that this meeting builds on the results and momentum of the previous two meetings, reinforcing the collective commitment to work directly with the Taliban, find common ground, and unify efforts to support the Afghan people by alleviating their suffering and addressing various challenges.

The absence of women and civil society activists, as well as the lack of focus on women’s rights and human rights issues in the agenda, has sparked widespread reactions from Afghans both within and outside the country.