Prominent women call for inclusion in Doha meeting

UN-hosted meeting on Afghanistan in Doha in May 2022. File Photo.

Prominent women from around the world, including notable figures from Afghanistan, have signed an open letter addressed to the United Nations Secretary-General, demanding the “active participation of women” in the third Doha meeting on Afghanistan.

In the letter, these women stated that the “exclusion of women from the third Doha meeting is unjust” and undermines their rights while sidelining women from critical discussions.

“The exclusion of women from the Doha meeting contradicts the United Nations Charter, its resolutions, and conventions,” the letter asserted.

The signatories, comprising influential women globally and from Afghanistan, emphasized the necessity of alleviating the suffering of the Afghan people and expressed gratitude for the humanitarian aid provided to the country.

They stressed that under the guise of “humanitarianism,” no avenue should be created for the Taliban to gain “broader legitimacy.”

“This is a defining moment for the international community to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to the women and girls of Afghanistan by insisting on their presence at the negotiating table,” the letter added.

Since returning to power, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls, banning them from attending school beyond the sixth grade and university, and imposing strict limitations on their presence in public spaces, employment, and personal freedoms.