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Pakistani police arrest 23 allegedly involved in mob lynching in Swat

Pakistani police have arrested 23 individuals allegedly involved in the brutal lynching of a man in the Madyan area of Swat.

The victim, who had been detained for allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran, was attacked inside the Madyan police station on Thursday evening, according to Pakistani media reports.

The mob reportedly set fire to the suspect’s body, the police station, and a police vehicle. Locals said that some individuals announced in a market that the victim had committed blasphemy, leading others to apprehend him and hand him over to the police.

Shortly afterward, announcements were made from mosques in Madyan, mobilizing people to march angrily to the police station. Witnesses stated that the mob demanded the police hand over the victim. When the police refused, the mob forced their way into the station.

Police officials fled to save themselves, and reinforcements were called in to manage the situation, according to Dawn newspaper.

The arrests underscore the severe challenges faced by Pakistani authorities in maintaining law and order amid accusations of blasphemy, which often provoke violent reactions.