Taliban optimistic about conditions for Doha meeting

UN-hosted meeting on Afghanistan in Doha in May 2022. File Photo.

A senior Taliban diplomat, Zakir Jalali, expressed optimism about the conditions for their participation in the upcoming Doha meeting. In a post on X on Friday, he noted that ten days remain to determine the direction of the situation.

Jalali revealed that the United Nations has shared the agenda for the Doha meeting with the Taliban. The agenda includes discussions on the private sector, finance, banking, the fight against drugs, and alternative livelihoods. He emphasized that the Taliban seeks engagement with the international community, citing examples of regional cooperation.

In a previous meeting under the Moscow Format, Afghanistan’s neighbors urged the Taliban to form an inclusive government. Pakistan and Tajikistan have repeatedly voiced concerns over rising terrorism threats from Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

The UN-hosted meeting of special envoys on Afghanistan is scheduled for June 30 in Doha. According to some sources, the UN, at the Taliban’s request, will not invite representatives of civil society, human rights activists, and women to this meeting.

Many women’s rights groups have criticized the Doha meeting, calling it a platform that potentially gives leverage to the Taliban.