Psaki to testify before US House Foreign Affairs Committee

WASHINGTON — Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is set to appear for a transcribed interview before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on July 26, 2024, to discuss her role in the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Committee Chairman Michael McCaul confirmed Psaki’s appearance in a letter, noting that her testimony follows nine months of extensive efforts to secure her cooperation, contingent upon White House approval.

“The Committee has a vested interest in understanding the diplomatic and information transmission failures that led to misrepresentations regarding, among other things, coordination with allies, contingency planning, the foreseeability of Afghanistan’s collapse, and the safety of Americans and allies in Afghanistan,” McCaul wrote. “As a former public servant, and now a private citizen in the public sphere, you have a duty to appear before Congress when called upon.”

The Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has faced strong criticism from Republicans and other American politicians.