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Historical sites in Balkh ‘on the verge of destruction’

A group of cultural activists in Balkh in the north of Afghanistan said that many historical sites in the province are on the verge of destruction, reiterating that the restoration of such places is a must for the Taliban government.

They said that the monastery of Mawlana, the Jahan Nama Garden, the Ayaran tower, Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa Mosque, and the Bala Hesar area are dozens of historical sites that need urgent attention for their maintenance and restoration.

According to the activists, Balkh has at least 120 historical and ancient sites and many of them are on the verge of destruction.

Saleh Mohammad Khaleeq, the former head of the information and culture department in Balkh, said that Balkh is among the most ancient city in the country.

“Historical sites in the country are the only sign of the recognition of Afghanistan. The country’s history will be lost if these sites are ruined,” he said.

Balkh residents said that the historical places must be restored and should be turned into touristic sites.

“Historical sites are on the verge of destruction. The Taliban government should pay attention to these sites,” said Allah Mohammad Ahmadi, a Balkh resident.

Meanwhile, the director of Balkh information and culture, Zabihullah Nuristani, said efforts are underway to protect the historical sites.

“The Islamic emirate assures its people that no person or group will be allowed to damage historical sites by illegal excavations,” he said.