Hezbollah fires rocket salvo at Israel after senior commander’s killing

JERUSALEM — Sirens blared across northern Israeli towns on Wednesday as the Israeli defense system intercepted a barrage of rockets fired from Lebanon.

The attacks were launched by Hezbollah, escalating tensions following an Israeli strike that killed a senior Hezbollah commander.

Hezbollah fired scores of rockets at Israel on Wednesday in apparent retaliation for the death of Taleb Abdallah, a senior field commander also known as Abu Taleb. The Israeli strike, which occurred late Tuesday in the southern Lebanese village of Jouya, resulted in the deaths of Abdallah and three other Hezbollah fighters, according to three security sources.

In response, Hezbollah launched approximately 50 rockets from southern Lebanon into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, according to Israeli officials. However, a security source in Lebanon reported that more than 100 rockets were fired.

The latest exchange is part of an ongoing conflict between the Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel, which has intensified since the Gaza war erupted in October. The steady escalation has raised concerns of a broader confrontation between these heavily armed adversaries.