Rights group launches campaign as Afghan girls’ school closures hit 1,000 days

A schoolteacher in Kandahar province. File Photo

KABUL, Afghanistan — The human rights organization Rawadari has launched a campaign titled “Iqra” to mark the thousandth day of girls being barred from education in Afghanistan.

On June 8, the closure of schools for girls above sixth grade crossed 1,000 days. In a statement, Rawadari announced that the campaign coincides with “the thousandth day of schools above the sixth grade being closed to girls.”

The statement highlighted that the aim of the “Iqra” campaign is to support and remind the world of “the right to education for women and girls and their other human rights demands.” According to the statement, the “Iqra” campaign will begin on June 13 and will include various programs.

Since the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, they have imposed numerous restrictions on women and girls, chief among them the closure of schools above the sixth grade and universities to female students.

Organizations and countries worldwide, including Islamic entities, have consistently criticized the Taliban’s stance on girls’ and women’s access to education. In response to these criticisms, the Taliban have stated that the matter is an internal issue and that no one has the right to interfere.