EU announces €150 million in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan crisis

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BRUSSELS — In response to the worsening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, the European Union has activated its emergency aid reserve, aiming to avert the risk of famine in the country, the Eu said in a statement.

“This will bring the total EU response to nearly €150 million in humanitarian aid for this crisis in 2024,” the EU stated in its announcement.

The funding will support partners working inside Afghanistan with nearly €126 million, aid for Afghan refugees in Pakistan with over €11 million, and assistance for humanitarian organizations in Iran with nearly €11 million. Additionally, funds will be allocated to strengthen disaster preparedness. “Our commitment is to ensure that aid reaches those most in need,” the EU emphasized.

In Afghanistan, EU funding will focus on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations, especially in hard-to-reach communities. Aid will be directed towards food assistance, shelter, healthcare, and access to water and sanitation. “Up to €14.5 million are earmarked for Education in Emergencies, addressing the needs of 8 million children and adolescents, including 1.4 million girls excluded from secondary education,” the EU noted.

In Pakistan, over €7 million will be allocated to meet the humanitarian needs of displaced Afghans and their host communities, providing access to legal assistance, healthcare, nutrition, and education. An additional €4 million will be dedicated to disaster preparedness in the country. “This support aims to bolster resilience and provide critical services to those affected,” the EU highlighted.

In Iran, up to €10.25 million will be directed towards addressing the needs of displaced Afghan populations and their host communities. “Our goal is to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those who are most vulnerable,” the EU stated.

EU humanitarian aid will be channelled exclusively through humanitarian partners working on the ground. “We rely on trusted organizations to deliver aid effectively and efficiently,” the EU reiterated.

The announcement comes as senior representatives of the international community gathered in Brussels to discuss Afghanistan’s food and health crisis. “Today’s meeting underscores our collective commitment to addressing the urgent needs in Afghanistan,” the EU concluded.