At least 3,000 migrants enter Afghanistan from Iran and Pakistan

KABUL — At least 3,000 Afghan migrants were deported or voluntarily returned from Iran and Pakistan on Sunday, June 9, according to data provided by the Taliban-run refugees ministry.

On Sunday, Pakistan deported 911 Afghan migrants, the ministry said.

A statement from the ministry detailed that 125 families, comprising 711 people, returned via the Torkham crossing, while 38 families, totaling 200 individuals, returned through the Spin Boldak crossing.

Additionally, the ministry noted that 2,774 Afghan migrants, both deported and voluntary returnees from Iran, entered Afghanistan through the Islam Qala crossing on Sunday.

Among the returnees were families, 513 of whom were identified as vulnerable and referred to aid organizations for further assistance.

Afghanistan’s neighbors, Iran and Pakistan, have intensified efforts to deport Afghan refugees residing without proper documentation.