Al-Qaeda leader urges foreign fighters to flock to Afghanistan, Long War Journal reports

A new analysis by the Long War Journal reveals that al-Qaeda’s central media outlet, as-Sahab, has released pamphlets featuring Sayf al-Adl, believed to be al-Qaeda’s current emir, calling on supporters worldwide to migrate to Afghanistan.

The pamphlet, titled “This is Gaza: A War of Existence, Not a War of Borders,” offers the clearest and most direct appeal for foreigners to join al-Qaeda in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of the country in 2021. According to the Long War Journal, Adl’s message effectively declares Afghanistan a safe haven for al-Qaeda’s operations and future plans.

“The loyal people of the Ummah [worldwide Islamic community] interested in change must go to Afghanistan, learn from its conditions, and benefit from their [the Taliban’s] experience,” Adl is quoted as saying in the pamphlet.

The analysis suggests that Adl is using the ongoing conflict in Gaza as a catalyst to encourage people to travel to Afghanistan for training, experience, and knowledge before launching attacks against so-called “Zionist” and Western targets globally.

This development follows a recent report by the United Nations Security Council indicating that al-Qaeda has established new training camps in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Despite these findings, Taliban officials have consistently denied al-Qaeda’s presence in the country, asserting that Afghanistan poses no threat to any foreign nation.