Qomi says recommendations to Taliban do not constitute interference

Photo: Iran’s state media

TEHRAN — Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, stated that recommendations provided to the Taliban should not be seen as interference in its affairs.

Speaking to reporters after a “Regional Contact Group” meeting in Tehran, Qomi criticized the Bonn conference for failing to establish stability and unity in Afghanistan. He emphasized the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Referring to the upcoming Doha meeting, he said that the regional countries have consensus in this regard.

“If today the focus is on taking Afghanistan out of a crisis caused by others, it should form a government in the political field from the good people of various backgrounds,” Qomi said. “Given the scale of the crisis in Afghanistan, there is a need to involve national figures and to seek cooperation from other governments and countries.”

The meeting of the Regional Contact Group was attended by envoys from China, Russia, and Pakistan.