Fawzia Koofi wins 2024 Asian Women of Achievement Award

LONDON — Fawzia Koofi, a former member of Afghanistan’s parliament, has been honored with the Asian Women of Achievement Award (AWAA) for 2024.

Founded by Pinky Lilani in 1999, the AWAA recognizes women with significant achievements across the globe. During her acceptance speech, Koofi highlighted the severe challenges faced by Afghan women under Taliban rule.

“In the 21st century, women in my country are banned from every right—education, work, civic liberty. Afghanistan has become an open prison for its women,” Koofi stated on X, referencing her remarks at the ceremony. “This is not normal and must not be regarded as normal.”

Koofi’s award has been warmly received by women’s rights activists and advocacy groups, who see it as a recognition of her enduring fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan.