South Asia

Pakistan calls Tehran Contact Group meeting valuable

Islamabad, Pakistan — Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, described the upcoming “Regional Contact Group for Afghanistan” meeting in Tehran as valuable during a press conference on Friday.

According to IRNA, Baloch stated that Pakistan’s delegation, led by Asif Ali Durrani, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, will participate in the quadrilateral meeting in Tehran.

“Pakistan believes that the role and significance of the Regional Contact Group for Afghanistan are crucial,” Baloch said. “It serves as a platform to strengthen regional cooperation and foster closer integration with Afghanistan.”

Baloch emphasized that consultations at the Regional Contact Group level ensure Afghanistan does not become a hub for terrorist activities. At the same time, neighboring countries strongly support Afghanistan’s efforts for economic prosperity and improvement.

The “Regional Contact Group for Afghanistan” meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, June 8, in Tehran, Iran. Special representatives from Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia will discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

These discussions are taking place ahead of the Doha meeting later this month, hosted by the United Nations, which will bring together approximately 25 special representatives from various countries to discuss Afghanistan.