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Taliban says Tamadon TV will be shut down over links to political party

Taliban said Thursday that the Tamadon TV operations will be halted over its affiliation with a political party and the use of allegedly seized government land.

According to Barakatullah Rasooli, a spokesperson for Taliban-run Ministry of Justice, the Taliban had previously banned all political parties in Afghanistan, rendering them and their affiliated media outlets inoperative.

“Not only Tamadon TV, but also the Khatam al-Nabiyin School and Khatam al-Nabiyin University, associated with the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan party, have been shut down,” Rasooli said. He claimed that the buildings of these institutions were constructed on unlawfully occupied state land, leading to their closure and the Taliban’s Ministry of Justice taking control of their premises.

Taliban reiterated that political party activities remain banned in Afghanistan and warned of “religious and legal action” against any political undertakings.

Earlier on Thursday, June 6, Tamadon TV reported that Taliban forces had entered their office to halt their operations.

The Afghanistan Journalists Center previously reported that since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, at least 17 directives have been issued against media operations in the country.

The center has also documented 136 violations of media freedom and journalist rights in Afghanistan, including 72 threats and 64 instances of detention and arrest of journalists.