University lecturer dies due to wounds in armed robbers’ attack

A university lecturer and a medical doctor lost his life due to injuries he sustained after being stabbed by a group of armed robbers in the city of Jalalabad, Nangarhar, who wanted to take his cellphone, his relatives said on Sunday.

Nematullah Wali, who was a lecturer at Nangarhar University, was attacked by armed robbers in district 4 of Jalalabad city last week and was under treatment until Sunday when he succumbed to his injuries that were mostly in his abdominal area, according to his brother, Mohammad Salim Nikmal.

Taliban officials in Nangarhar have not commented on the incident.

This comes after the Taliban’s intelligence agency last week announced that a group of nine armed robbers has been arrested in Nangarhar who introduced themselves as Taliban members and were doing their robberies.

Jalalabad residents said they are really concerned about their safety following a sharp increase in such incidents. They asked the Taliban government to ensure people’s safety and send perpetrators to justice.