Putin stresses need for ‘inclusive government’ in Afghanistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday emphasized the importance of implementing all agreements regarding Afghanistan, including the formation of an “inclusive government” that involves “all ethnic groups.”

Speaking on Moscow’s relationship with the Taliban, Putin acknowledged the significance of engaging with the group, noting that the Taliban controls power in Afghanistan.

“We have always proceeded from the fact that we must proceed from reality. The Taliban control power in Afghanistan. We must build relations with the Taliban government,” Putin said in response to a question from Abdusaid, Director General of the National News Agency of Uzbekistan (UzA).

Putin highlighted the stability of Afghanistan as crucial for both Russia and Uzbekistan, proposing that Afghanistan could serve as a logistics hub for Uzbekistan, a country lacking access to the ocean.

“Stability in Afghanistan is important for both Russia and Uzbekistan,” he noted, adding that this topic was discussed during negotiations with Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev. “We need to ensure that all agreements at the international level, including those by the United Nations, are implemented, particularly the formation of an inclusive government with participation from all ethnic groups.”

Describing the situation in Afghanistan as “a very delicate issue,” Putin underscored the logistical advantages for Uzbekistan if stability could be achieved.

This statement follows an announcement by Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, that the Russian ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs have proposed to President Putin the removal of the Taliban from Russia’s list of terrorist organizations.