Germany in talks with Afghanistan’s neighbors to deport ‘dangerous offenders,’ Scholz says

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that the country’s interior ministry is negotiating with Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to facilitate the deportation of “dangerous offenders” to Afghanistan.

Addressing the German parliament, Scholz emphasized that “serious criminals” and “terrorist threats” have no place in Germany. “Such criminals should be deported, even if they come from Syria and Afghanistan. Serious criminals and terrorist threats have no place here,” the Chancellor said. “In such cases, Germany’s security interest outweighs the offender’s interest in protection.”

Scholz underlined that Germany will no longer tolerate the “glorification and celebration of terrorist offenses.” He added, “The Ministry of the Interior is working on enabling the deportation of dangerous offenders to Afghanistan. The Ministry is already in talks with Afghanistan’s neighboring countries about the practical implementation of this.”

This announcement follows a knife attack by an Afghan national on a gathering of anti-Islam demonstrators in the southwest German city of Mannheim, where six people, including a police officer, were stabbed.

Scholz also explained that Germany will tighten deportation regulations to ensure that “the condoning of terrorist offenses constitutes a serious reason for deportation.” He stressed, “Anyone who glorifies terrorism is against all our values and should be deported.”