Women’s protest movements, political groups demand Inclusion in Doha meeting

The venue for the second Doha meeting in Qatar in Feb. 2024. File photo.

The Council of Resistance, the Freedom Front, and several women’s protest movements have issued a joint statement outlining five key demands and perspectives regarding the upcoming Doha meeting on Afghanistan.

The statement calls for the inclusion of political parties and women’s movements in the Doha meeting to facilitate “a meaningful increase in structured global engagement with Afghanistan.”

Another demand is the inclusion of the issue of terrorism threats on the agenda of the upcoming Doha meeting.

The groups also emphasize the importance of consulting both domestic and international entities in the appointment and mission of a special envoy.

The statement underscores that “the Taliban do not represent Afghanistan.”

Furthermore, it warns that if the peace process fails, these groups reserve the right to take “armed action.”

The Doha meeting are scheduled to take place in three weeks. Some women’s activists have previously called for a boycott of the summit, insisting that the Taliban should not be allowed to participate.