Women protesters demand Taliban boycott at Doha meeting

A group of Afghan women protesters has issued a ten-article resolution calling for a boycott of Taliban participation in the upcoming Doha meeting and an end to global engagement with the Taliban.

Addressing the United Nations, they emphasized the necessity of including “non-Taliban figures” and representatives from “anti-Taliban fronts” in the meeting.

Representing the “Afghan Women’s Political Participation Network,” the women stated that the appointment of the U.N. special representative for Afghanistan should “align with the standards and demands of the Afghan people, especially women.”

They urged the recognition of “gender apartheid” in Afghanistan during the Doha meeting and called for the defense of women’s rights in the country.

The resolution demands the inclusion of representatives from anti-Taliban groups, including political parties, civil activists, protesting women, religious and ethnic minorities, and anti-Taliban fronts, in all major discussions about Afghanistan’s future, particularly the third Doha meeting.

The protesters also demanded equal rights for women and the lifting of Taliban restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan. They called for women’s participation in decision-making processes related to Afghanistan’s future.

Highlighting that schools in Afghanistan have been closed to girls for over 100 days, they urged the United Nations to pressure the Taliban to reopen schools.

The Doha meeting is scheduled to take place on June 30.