Taliban signs contract with Chinese firm for 150,000 electricity meters

KABUL, Afghanistan — Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the country’s power distributor operated by the Taliban, signed a contract on Monday with a Chinese company to purchase 150,000 electricity meters.

The deal, valued at $2.7 million, includes both single-phase and three-phase meters, according to a statement from DABS.

Previously, consumers had to buy electricity meters on the open market, but the new contract aims to streamline the process and provide additional facilities for users. The meters will be manufactured to meet DABS standards, the statement noted.

This contract comes amid growing public dissatisfaction with high electricity bills, which many citizens claim do not reflect their actual consumption. Additionally, residents have expressed frustration over frequent power outages, reporting that electricity is often unavailable for several hours each day.

The agreement with the Chinese company is part of broader efforts by the Taliban-run administration to address infrastructure challenges and improve public utilities, despite ongoing economic and logistical hurdles.