Sources: Airstrike targets vehicle in Paktika

KABUL, Afghanistan — An airstrike targeted a vehicle in the Gomal district of Paktika province in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday evening, June 1, sources in the region reported.

The strike, allegedly carried out by Pakistani military forces, aimed at members of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

According to sources, the attack hit a pickup truck in the Turkhai area of Gomal district. Local sources stated that the strike resulted in the deaths of eight individuals, who were reportedly militants. The identities of those killed have not been disclosed.

Neither the Taliban nor Pakistan have commented on the incident so far.

Military expert Aminullah Ranjbar remarked on the situation, saying, “Since the Taliban took power, Afghanistan’s airspace has not been under their control. We have continuously witnessed airstrikes by Pakistan and other countries, clearly violating Afghanistan’s airspace over the past three years. Previously, we also observed U.S. drone patrols in various provinces of Afghanistan.”

Reports of Pakistani military attacks targeting TTP members in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan have surfaced repeatedly. Pakistan has consistently accused the Taliban of sheltering TTP members, an allegation the Taliban have denied. This raises the question of how the new Pakistani government plans to address the threats posed by TTP activities.

Military analyst Mohammad Radmanish commented, “The region and Pakistan are now at the center of extremist attention. Pakistan is grappling with the consequences of the very militancy it once fostered, embodied by TTP, which shares ideological and operational ties with the Afghan Taliban.”

The attack comes just days after Pakistan’s Deputy Interior Minister visited Afghanistan, requesting the Taliban’s cooperation in apprehending those responsible for attacks on Chinese citizens in Pakistan. In response, a Taliban spokesperson stated that Pakistan’s internal unrest is unrelated to the Taliban.