Women activists urge Boycott of Doha meeting on Afghanistan 

Women activists in an indoor protest. File photo.

KABUL, Afghanistan — A women’s protest movement known as “Justice Caravan for Women, Justice for Afghanistan” has announced a boycott of the upcoming Doha meeting, urging Afghan women and citizens to join their cause against the Taliban’s participation in the talks. 

In a statement on Sunday, the movement called on protesters and the Afghan public to join the “caravan opposed to Taliban presence in Doha meeting.”  

The statement noted that within a week, the campaign had garnered the support of 100 individuals. 

The movement has encouraged people to express their opposition to the Taliban’s presence at the Doha meeting by sending text messages, video recordings, and their names to join the caravan.  

The call for support will continue until the meeting, scheduled for July 30. 

The statement emphasized that the Taliban does not represent the people of Afghanistan. 

This move comes as numerous women’s rights groups in Afghanistan have voiced their opposition to the Taliban’s participation in the upcoming Doha meeting.  

These groups have demanded that the Taliban cease its oppressive restrictions on women and girls before attending such international gatherings.