Russia labels Taliban’s control of Afghanistan as ‘crucial’

Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, emphasized the importance of the Taliban’s “firm grip on Afghanistan” for Moscow, during an interview with Rossiya-24 television channel.

Kabulov highlighted potential cooperation between Russia and Afghanistan in exporting oil products and ensuring the country’s food security.

“We believe that this government is holding consistent control over the country. This is fundamentally important for us,” Kabulov said. “Any disintegration of Afghanistan would have the most negative reverberations across the region.”

Kabulov underscored the significance of oil for Afghanistan’s economy. “Ensuring the basic essentials for the Afghan economy in the broadest sense. Of course, they are oil products, but it extends far beyond that,” he added.

The envoy also discussed enhanced cooperation in food security between the Taliban and Moscow. “Food security is a topic for the Afghan authorities to enhance cooperation and ensure the supplies of the most needed foodstuffs,” Kabulov noted.

Previously, Kabulov revealed that Russia’s ministries of foreign affairs and justice had proposed to President Vladimir Putin that the Taliban be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov supported the initiative, stating that it “reflects awareness of reality.”

Despite positive relations between the Taliban and Moscow, no country has yet officially recognized the Taliban government.b