India reaffirms commitment to Afghanistan, highlights role of Chabahar Port

India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Shri Randhir Jaiswal, reiterated New Delhi’s unwavering support for the people of Afghanistan, calling it a “consistent policy.”

Speaking at a press conference, Jaiswal emphasized the significance of the Chabahar project in enhancing regional connectivity and delivering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

Jaiswal responded to a question about the Chabahar port project, stating that it plays a crucial role in improving connectivity in the region, particularly for Afghanistan. He highlighted that India has been delivering humanitarian aid and assistance through this port, which also benefits landlocked countries in Central Asia.

“As far as Afghanistan goes, it has been our consistent policy to support the people of Afghanistan, especially through humanitarian assistance such as food, medicines, and other necessities. We utilize Chabahar for that particular purpose,” Jaiswal said.

He further underscored the importance of the Chabahar project in fostering regional connectivity and facilitating various benefits for the surrounding countries. “This project is vital for connectivity, and improved connectivity leads to numerous other advantages for countries in the region,” Jaiswal told reporters.

This statement follows India’s recent signing of a 10-year contract with Iran to develop and operate the Iranian port of Chabahar, underlining India’s long-term commitment to the project and its strategic importance for regional development and humanitarian efforts.