Pakistani delegation, Taliban discuss attack on Chinese engineers

KABUL, Afghanistan — A Pakistani delegation led by Pakistan’s Deputy Interior Minister Muhammad Khurram Agha met with Mohammad Nabi Omari, Taliban’s Deputy Interior Minister, in Kabul on Thursday.

According to a statement from the Taliban-run Interior Ministry, the meeting focused on border issues, security, and the recent attack on Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

The statement provided few details about the meeting, but Omari emphasized that the Taliban do not pursue a “policy of evil” and stressed the importance of “genuine security cooperation.”

The Taliban described the meeting as constructive and expressed optimism that some existing issues would be resolved.

In the meeting, Omari referred to the attack on Chinese citizens as “terrorist” and stated, “The Bisham incident was unfortunate, but we all must take responsibility for the security of our areas and facilitate real cooperation instead of diverting the issues.”

The attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan, which occurred in March, resulted in the deaths of five Chinese nationals.