Pakistan deports 979 Afghan migrants as crackdown continues

A group of Afghan migrants in border near Pakistan. November 2023. File Photo.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The Pakistani government deported 979 Afghan migrants on Wednesday, May 29, as part of its ongoing crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

Figures from the Taliban-run refugee ministry indicate that the migrants entered Afghanistan through the Spin Boldak border town in Kandahar and the Torkham border town in Nangarhar province.

According to the statement, 647 individuals, including 115 families, crossed into Afghanistan via the Torkham crossing, while another 332 migrants, including 62 families, entered through the Spin Boldak crossing.

This deportation follows Iran’s expulsion of over 3,000 Afghan migrants within the past two days.

Both Iran and Pakistan have repeatedly emphasized the need to facilitate the return of Afghan refugees from their territories.

Pakistan began deporting undocumented migrants in September 2023. According to United Nations figures, over 600,000 Afghan migrants have been deported from Pakistan since then, facing uncertain conditions upon their return.