Women’s rights group opposes any talks with Taliban as Doha meeting nears

KABUL, Afghanistan — Junbish Rawzana-e Azadi Zanan Afghanistan, a women’s rights advocacy group, issued a statement on Friday, announcing its opposition to any type of talks with the Taliban as the third Doha meeting nears.

The group criticized the Taliban’s policies, calling them “misogynistic” and describing negotiations with the Taliban as an “unsuccessful step.”

The statement accused the Taliban of committing “crimes against humanity, particularly towards women” since regaining control of Afghanistan.

The statement highlighted that the Taliban has stripped Afghan women of their fundamental rights. “Junbish Rawzana-e Azadi Zanan Afghanistan emphasizes the immediate demands for women’s human rights in Afghanistan and considers any engagement with the Taliban a betrayal of women,” the group said.

The advocacy group urged the international community to support Afghan women and the Afghan population rather than engaging in negotiations or recognizing the Taliban.

“Engagement and legitimacy to the Taliban is an endorsement of terrorism in the world,” it stated.

The UN-hosted meeting of special envoys on Afghanistan is set to be held on June 30 in Doha, Qatar, where participants will discuss the situation in Afghanistan and explore ways to address the ongoing crisis.