Taliban sell $33 million worth of crude oil from Amu Darya Basin

KABUL, Afghanistan —Taliban announced the sale of $33 million worth of crude oil from the Amu Darya Basin during a ceremony in Kabul on Tuesday.

Shahabuddin Delawar, the Taliban’s minister of mines, stated that the oil was sold through an open bidding process to a private company.

According to the Taliban, 60,000 tons of crude oil were sold in this bidding process.

Eighteen companies participated in the bid, with Yama Petroleum securing the purchase by offering the highest price for the 60,000 tons of crude oil from the Amu Darya Basin.

Previously, Taliban reported that crude oil extraction from the Qashqari Block of the Amu Darya Basin had increased to 1,350 tons per day.

The Ministry of Energy and Water, under Taliban administration, noted that with the drilling of six new wells in the region, the total number of active wells has reached 24.

The ministry further mentioned that the previous extraction rate from the Qashqari Block was 1,100 tons of crude oil per day.