Taliban health minister dismissed from position

KABUL, Afghanistan — Qalandar Ebad, the Taliban’s minister of public health, has been removed from his position, according to a decree from the Taliban leader.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s spokesman, announced that Noor Jalal, a former deputy minister of the Taliban-run ministry of interior, has been appointed to replace Ebad.

Mujahid did not provide a reason for Ebad’s dismissal.

The statement also mentioned five additional changes at the levels of deputy ministers, governors, deputy governors, and district governors.

Recent data gathered by Amu indicates that over the past nine months, Taliban appointments in government positions have mostly involved rotating officials from one post to another, with only one new high-level appointment.

According to findings from eleven lists of Taliban appointments released by Mujahid from September to May 21, there have been 37 appointments.

In eight cases, individuals were shifted to similar roles while retaining their previous positions, in 28 instances they were transferred to different roles, and there was one entirely new appointment.