Taliban flogs eight people, including woman, in Ghor

The Taliban-run supreme court announced that eight people, including a woman, were publicly flogged in the western province of Ghor.

According to the statement, four individuals were punished for alleged adultery and sodomy, while the other four were punished for fleeing and “taking a woman from her house.”

The woman was flogged 39 times for “fleeing from her house.” Two others received the same number of lashes and were each sentenced to one year in prison. Another individual was lashed 30 times and sentenced to four months in prison for allegedly helping the woman flee her house.

One person accused of adultery received 39 lashes and a one-and-a-half-year prison sentence, while another, also accused of adultery, was flogged 27 times and sentenced to two years in prison. Two individuals accused of sodomy were each flogged 39 times and sentenced to two years in prison.

Since December 2022, Taliban has flogged hundreds of people for various alleged offenses. The group has also carried out executions. Human rights organizations have repeatedly expressed concerns over the lack of fair trials in the Taliban’s judicial system.