Activists: Taliban intolerant of women’s human rights

Women activists in an indoor protest. File photo.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Junbish-e-Faryad Zanaan, a women’s rights group, in a statement on Monday said that women who value human rights and freedom are not acceptable within the Taliban’s ideology and mindset.

The group said Taliban has imposed oppressive restrictions and gender discrimination against women and girls as part of their policies since regaining power in the country.

“Members of Junbish Faryad Zanaan, understanding the political and social situation in Afghanistan, and especially the living conditions of women under the rule of the terrorist group Taliban, acknowledge their responsibility,” the statement said, emphasizing the importance of supporting Afghan women.

The women’s rights group stressed the need to support efforts against the Taliban in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, particularly women.

The statement comes as women are banned from working in non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan. Moreover, women are banned from attending universities and girls are deprived of education in secondary schools.