China, Pakistan call for inclusive ‘political framework’ in Afghanistan

BEIJING — Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Pakistani counterpart, Mohammad Ishaq Dar, issued a joint statement calling for the establishment of an “inclusive political framework” in Afghanistan and urging the Taliban to firmly combat terrorism.

The statement urged the Taliban to adopt moderate policies, pursue good-neighborly relations, and prevent its territory from being used for terrorist acts.

“They called for concerted efforts from the international community to help Afghanistan address challenges in areas such as the humanitarian situation and economic development,” the statement read.

The counterparts agreed that Beijing and Islamabad should play a “positive and constructive role in helping Afghanistan achieve stable development and integrate into the international community.”

The statement followed a three-day visit by Pakistan’s foreign minister to attend the Fifth Round of the China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue in Beijing.

The formation of an inclusive government, preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorists, and respecting human rights and international obligations are the main wishes of the international community for normalization with the Taliban.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, but no country has yet recognized it.