Baghlan residents reel from devastating floods; face lack of shelter, food

Devastating floods in Baghlan province have left thousands without shelter and food, prompting urgent calls for help.

Save the Children reports that the floods have severely impacted over 600,000 people. The Taliban-run refugee department has announced that the floods have claimed 315 lives in the Baghlan-e-Markazi and Burka districts, with the death toll continuing to rise.

In many affected families, only one member has survived.

“We went to Friday prayers. When we returned, the flood had already destroyed all the houses. Seven of my family members died, and nothing is left. I’m the only survivor in my family,” said Khan Ahmad, a local resident.

Khan Ali, another resident, added, “More than 60 people died and over 80 percent of the residential houses are destroyed. People have lost everything, including more than 400 sheep and around 100 cows.”

According to Taliban figures, the floods have damaged or destroyed over 2,000 houses. “The floods came yesterday and destroyed everything. I lost my father, brother, sister, and nephew. My mother is also injured. I nearly died too. Our house has been completely destroyed; the floods have ruined our lives,” said Sahib Khan, another local resident.

The Taliban stated that more than 1,600 people have been injured. Additionally, Save the Children reported that 310,000 children have been severely impacted.

Residents of Baghlan are in dire need of assistance as they have lost everything.