Afghanistan: Support bolsters for anti-Taliban protests in Badakhshan

Widespread reactions have followed anti-Taliban protests in Darayim and Argu districts of Badakhshan province over the past two days.

The Jamiat-e-Islami party has issued a statement supporting these protests.

“In the current situation, no ‘cruel extremist group’ can silence the invincible voice of the people,” the party said.

Meanwhile, the Federalist Assembly of Afghanistan, a new political movement established in Feb. 2024 by a group of politicians in exile, in a statement on Sunday described the protests as a “clear and prominent example of the people’s dissatisfaction with the Taliban’s autocratic and tribal regime.”

Taliban said on Saturday, May 4, that a delegation was assigned to probe the aftermath of the protests and issues around efforts to destroy poppy fields in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

The anti-Taliban public protests began when, following a confrontation in Qarluq village in the Darayim district, the Taliban fired on the villagers, resulting in the death of a man named Nizamuddin and injuries to others.

According to reports, the protests expanded on Saturday, May 4, to the Argu district of Badakhshan, where several residents chanted anti-Taliban slogans.

During the unrest in Argu district yesterday, Taliban forces reportedly used firearms to disperse the crowd, resulting in another fatality and several injuries.

Sources said on Sunday, May 5, that the protesters were waiting for a response from the Taliban delegation that has been assigned to address the matter and is expected to travel to the province from Kabul. The delegation is led by Taliban army chief Qari Fasihuddin.