Activists react to Badakhshan protests, say Taliban violate people’s privacy

The Purple Saturdays Movement has stated in a statement that Taliban, under the guise of eradicating poppy fields in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, are “oppressing the people and violating their privacy”.

The movement claimed that during their three-year rule, Taliban have forced people to “migrate involuntarily” under the pretense of “reclaiming government lands.”

The women’s protest movement expressed, “The Taliban have shown minimal belief in and respect for the ‘privacy’ of the citizens and are not accountable for their crimes and insults to the Islamic and cultural values of the Afghan people.”

Meanwhile, Fawzia Koofi, a former MP and women’s rights activist, reacted to these protests by stating, “The resistance of the free and honorable people of Badakhshan, under any circumstances, is commendable.”

“This resistance will be the beginning of freedom,” Koofi wrote on X on Sunday, May 5.

The anti-Taliban public protests in Badakhshan began following a clash in the Dara-I-Am district between the residents of Qarluq village and the Taliban, which resulted in the Taliban firing on the people, killing one individual named Nizamuddin and wounding several others.

It is reported that the scope of these protests extended to the Argu district of Badakhshan yesterday, with many residents chanting anti-Taliban slogans.